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updated 12/13/00

  1. Packard "Push Button" Transmission control Service manual By Autolite published 7-19-56. This 16 page photocopy has test procedures and diagrams not covered in the Packard shop manual or service counselers $10.00

  2. 48-Page Photocopy: Notice of Special Meeting of Studebaker Stockholders, August 17, 1954. Proposal to sell Studebaker property and assets to Packard. Outlines assets, history, business and finances of Packard and Studebaker. $10.00.

  3. Packard related Service Counseler changes. Until 1961 Studebaker Service Bulletins contained Packard service fixes, new adjustments changes, part number supersessions, and other changes many refering to the Ultramatic trans. A photocopied assembly of these fills 33 pages. $10.00

  4. Packard Correlated Parts Selling and Reference guide. Cover letter from Packard to Distributors and Dealers says in part "To assist in this profit building program we are sending you a Correlated Parts Selling and Reference guide. This guide lists fourteen major groups with a total of 175 very closely related essential maintenance parts and covers models 1700 (1939) though Twentieth Series (1942). This is reprinted from the original and includes the reprinted letter to the Distributors and Dealers dated April 8, 1943 $10.00

  5. Packard Promotional Filmstrips on Video. Video #1, (Runs about 90 minutes) Building A Masterpiece (1940**);

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